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Wholehearted Commitment

My name is Alana and I am here to support you to become your own Core Wound Doctor.
I'm committed to the evolution of the planet and each of us plays a role in that process. 
Each of us carries a core wound that deeply impacts our life.
My mission is to support you to identify,understand and liberate from that wounded pattern.
I believe that everyone has the right to access the psychological, energetic, spiritual and emotional tools we need to transform our life.
My personal journey, research and study has given me a deep understanding of the process of transformation and all that is involved.
It is not an overnight process, rather a continual unfolding to greater awareness and wholeness.
The way I structure the program supports this. Periods of rapid development and change at retreats with periods of deep integration and support at the weekly check-ins.
I also honour that your relationships are integral to your life so offer skillful, impartial and insightful couples and families counselling.
My skills lie in my deep perception of where you are and natural ability to support you to scaffold to the next level of awareness and inner peace.
My work focuses on core areas;
Emotional Liberation Processing 
Quantum Childhood Healing
Nervous System Rewiring
Psychological Awareness and Tools
Limiting Beliefs Dissolution
Energetic Body Work
Future Timeline Creation
Voidal Meditation Practice
What drives me is seeing the level of change possible. How people, if supported fully, can change their lives and relationships. How people can find such a rich inner life and well being outside reality feels way less powerful. How people can move from fear to love and completely change the quality of their experience. How the nervous system can be rewired to feel less threat and more flow and then creation happens effortlessly. How people can learn the tools to meet each other in a conscious, respectful way and discover a whole new level of connection and belonging. 
Why me?
I have successfully undergone rapid spiritual, psychological and physical change creating a new paradigm of living based on personal liberation and alignment to the highest timelines of well-being.
My spiritual awakening granted me access to the quantum field, the field of pure potential and knowing which supports my work fully.
I have also had an extensive energetic awakening that has allowed me access to releasing energy from the nervous system and through my spontaneous Kundalini activation.
My passion for this work has led me to study and practice Quantum Hypnosis, PsychK. Limited beliefs rewiring, post graduate degree in Psychology and Restructuring and Alignment through extensive work with an Energy Practitioner in the US.
This high level access has allowed me to experience extraordinary knowing and mystical experiences. This gave birth to my podcast 'The Mystic Within' that explores ordinary people's expansion into the unexplainable world of the Mystical experience.
What makes it unique?
I have also crafted unique processes to work with the nervous system, core wound fracture and dysfunctional relationships. All these are proven to have lasting results and impact on the individual's reality. The retreat space is the opportunity to break from the repetitive patterns of life and to discover a greater knowing and self love as well as the practical skills that make a huge difference.
The Heart Space has been running for three years with a dedicated group of women being supported weekly to change the course of their lives. Each woman has an opportunity to share their lives and receive support. The individualised advice and support allow for great personal growth and the group support offers more valuable knowing and connection. There are few highly accessible spaces where you will feel totally seen and heard.
What will happen if you invest in this space?
Life will change. Focus will move from the external daily battle to an inner knowing and peace. Relationships will become your greatest teachers and places of deep connection. Your communication will become clearer and more heart centred. You feel trust in life, in your evolution, in why you are here. The gap between where you want to be and where you are will lessen. You will begin to know your purpose and what makes you feel most alive. You will stop feeling overwhelmed by your nervous system and move from fear into love and wholeness.
You will understand and liberate yourself from your core wound. This will change your whole reality as you will stop being caught in limiting, self defeating habits and find new clearer spaces to move into that will create a new reality.
This work demands a level of honesty and truth about self and in return gives you access to greater evolution, growth and wellbeing.
The process is fine tuning awareness, then seeing patterns, identifying the pain and limited beliefs below it, finding the tools and being supported to implement them.
I honour your commitment to be here.

About Me: About Me



I know you feel stuck.

I know it feels like there is nowhere to turn. I know in every moment it feels like there is another challenge to overcome. 

This is nothing to dislike or judge, this your true nature searching for a way home for you. 

You know the truth that you are one step beside your true self and you want to get back in step.

The discomfort is the pathway to yourself and your deepest knowing. 

It’s the bridge back to your wholeness.

Your wholeness is the incorporation of all parts of yourself, all the knowing, all the feeling, all the being

Its ok we are built to have this wound

It’s only your portal home to your true self, it’s not to be healed

Only passed through.

It’s to be challenged.

It’s to be met.

Sat with.


Deeply understood.

It’s not you. It’s created to keep you from yourself but when you pass through you know it’s your deepest gift

You will look at the wound and say thank you.

Thank you for giving me the greatest access to myself.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in a new world order beyond fear, isolation, abandonment, pain, lack and longing.

Go to the field beyond the wound.

It’s the place you have never been.

You will have to relax into it and surrender.

More and more into the Unknown.

Nothing matters as much as you.

The unseen, unknowable creator is you and is fully supporting you to do this in every moment.


The depth of your emotional honesty, authentic expression, conscious communication will allow you to touch your wound better.

TO assess it’s depth, impact and underlying impact

Touching it is healing it.

Every layer of awareness you touch dissolves your fractured being.

You need to know there is WAY better for you waiting for you outside the experience

You can eventually create through a clear, connected, whole perception of reality not a thin projection..

The wound is simply there to limit the evolution of the planet, until it is understood as the portal back to wholeness.

We need to see it, feel it, know it and begin to integrate more into our wholeness.

Its a falling deeper inward, not a pushing outward beyond self

It’s a reclamation of being that will take determination greater than the 


I want to prescribe the medicine of knowing this wound and how to work with it so that we can do the work before the trauma comes to teach us. 

This is the new level of relating to self and a new paradigm of knowing that will take you to liberation. 

The commitment comes from you and your knowing to guide you through each stage.

The wound keeps you in a fog beyond your true knowing

It’s like a hall of mirrors, which ever way your turn it feels like it catches you.

Then all of a sudden you see the illusion that came from it being created in this way.

You begin to know there is a new reality dawning that comes from a deep connection to self, that is whole and no longer fragmented and separate.

It sits in a part of your knowing that means you operate from a new level of being.

This had been carefully CRAFTED for you, so let's understand what it means for YOU.


It means you will feel through the dysfunctional emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck and liberated into neutrality of being, where expression is felt and released. The human is honoured and then the divine is reclaimed.

It means you transform the limited thought patterns stuck in the wounded patterns and you create a new level of knowing from a new set of beliefs, beliefs that are whole and not reliant on others, beliefs you can commit to for yourself, that in time you trust to show up the best for you

It means you understand that the challenge is the evolution into more intimacy with self, a calling home to wholeness mechanism, we start to see from the widest perspective not the limited one that has kept you feeling confined

It means we understand your addiction as the place that felt like safety, as aliveness, yet also felt like danger and death. The wild interplay between the holding on and the resisting that creates so much pain for you. You will know why it is there, you will understand how to overcome it, you will begin to turn your back on it because you see through it and then new choice points will appear where you can know an equilibrium in your being that is based on an inner truth and strength. 

It means you learn what authentic, honest, open connection is and you will find a space here to discover who you are in those interactions. You will learn the importance of holding space for other individuals who are needing to be seen and heard just like you. This space of reflection will be like a loving mirror for you.

It means you will find a new protocol for living that will bring you so close to the essence of your divine being that all the things you thought you wanted will no longer be desired, you will begin to receive from the wholeness of your being and the things that come will surprise you and enlighten you and not look anything like the illusion you had created in your mind. 

It means you will wake up fully, go through the pain of acknowledging the truth of the wounded illusion you have created here and then from the inside out you will initiate a new whole self, this whole self holds the keys of your full expression, your purpose, your mastery, your enormous eternal love, your trust in the unknowable creation, the truth of your values. (freedom is yours not in your external environment, if you are clear that you have this knowledge then you don’t need to control others. You know you keep growing when you perceive that people are trying to do the opposite of what you want, when in truth you are seeing this from your wounded state that in wholeness it would not be relevant,the person your are judging is giving you the gift to awaken)

It means every time something bothers you it will show you so many opportunities in a day to uplevel yourself. To go deeper into the pain and find the wholeness there. I will teach you how to do that, over and over again until you are clear. Until you know the TRIGGER of your pain is merely the illusion. Just be the light of you. Shine it brightly without needing to be more than that. 

It means we are here to be LOVE, pure unconditional love. Yet that love is shining from you. The relationship allows you to access more of your love within self. That's the gift of the other. They show you the relationship that keeps supporting the growth to access more and more love within yourself. You see the honeymoon period is the newness of seeing self in someone else, at first you see the good in you and the other, then the wound steps in to play out its patterns over the top. Until the wound masks the connection to the love. Truth is true love is found within yourself.

It means arriving in a state of wholeness where you are not waiting to be somewhere before you can receive that feeling because it will remain an illusion for you.

It means you are coming HOME.


I would like to invite you to begin the journey with me by joining a free 11 Minute Quantum Meditation Collective.

This is A nurtured space to explore the consciousness of this work and for you to centre into the Wholeness that within you.

It's my inner circle and it would be an honour to have you there.

When you sign up to the network be sure to download the app so you can be anywhere and access the 11 minutes of transformational meditation.

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